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Please note: Delivery, Service Fees & Gratuity not included on the prices listed here.

Gluten free pasta and other dietary options are available upon request. Please inform our specialist of any food allergies.



Introducing: our expanded catering service for your home, office or venue.

Our catering specialist will assist you in designing the perfect menu for your special event. We also provide service and bar staff for your event. Setup, serving and clean up, allowing you to relax and enjoy your guests.

We also supply tents, tables, chairs, linen & dinning wear. We are looking forward to working with you! Tremezzo Catering Company is proud to be a part of the Paisano Hospitality Group along with Tremezzo Ristorante, Josie's bakery, Tremezzo Pizzeria & North Shore Cleaning.


For more information please call, text or email: Sheila Colon @ 781.507.3025


All orders require 48 hours notice, however we may be able to create your order with less time. Contact us!


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Sheila Colon

Or call for Catering Questions: 781.507.3025

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